Contains information about how YCW Basket's scoring system works as well as league table acronyms.

Scoring system & Table Acronyms

Welcome to the YCW Basketball scoring system and league table acronyms page. Here you will find information about our point scoring system which is designed to streamline the scoring process, and prompt greater engagement by teams.

Our Scoring System

Each team participating in a league gets the following points based on their performance in any givin game,

Win = 4 points
Lost = 2 points
Draw = 3 points
Forfeit = 0 POINTS
Default = 2 POINTS (Subject to 24 hours notice of being unable field a team for the week)

When teams are on equal points, percentages are then used to determine a winner where higher percentages are beneficial. 

League Table Acronyms

Acronym Full Term & Details
Points This is the total points for the team in the current season based on the scoring system explained opposite.
PCT Win Percentage - (wins ÷ games played).
STRK Streak - Number of consecutive games won by a team.
PF Average points for.
PA Average points against.
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