Effective as of the 1st of July 2020

Come, Play and Go

We are in the green 2 phase of return to sport which allows us to have up to 800 people in the building.

We do not wish to unlearn anything we have been through over the last three and a bit months due to Covid-19, so here are a few things that are non negotiable with being a player, referee and/or volunteer of YCW BASKETBALL

  1. If you are unwell DO NOT COME if we believe you’re displaying symptoms on arrival please don’t be offended if we ask you to leave the stadium.
  2. Come prepared to play as change rooms will not be available to use and where possible have a shower before coming and please don’t bring your own basketball and if you must a team can only bring one and it must be disinfected prior to hitting the court.
  3. Use hand sanitiser upon entry
  4. Sign the YCW Basketball Association attendance sheet
  5. Once you’re in you’ll be placed into the waiting teams areas
  6. When you are using the bench please use the sanitiser provided prior to touching the bench equipment
  7. During the game there will be no high fives or anything to that effect
  8. Once your game is completed please leave immediately NO hanging around at all talking through the game
  9. No spectators for the first three weeks so we can get into a good routine and once that is established we will assess spectators
  10. If a team has only 5 players a bench duty will be accepted but will be treated like a player and will need to sign in and sign out


Please make payment as per the instructions given to you on the 15th of July

We are no longer handing cash therefore we will be using electronic fund transfers

Let’s continue to be cautious and careful.

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