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About Us

The Youth Community Workers Basketball Association was formed on the 1st of July 2017 after players from the Saints Basketball Club based in Hobart elected to commence their own social basketball roster.

During the first three months, the Executive Committee chose to play friendly matches between five teams before settling into a 3-month roster consisting of the following seven teams.

  • Ball Fondlers
  • Dark Magicians
  • Flair Ballers
  • Hornets
  • Saints # 1
  • Saints # 2
  • Stay In Yo Lane

The first round of competitive social basketball under the banner of the YCW Basketball Association officially began on the 4th of October which ran for eight consecutive weeks before a three-week Finals Schedule was conducted to find an eventual premier.
As results show Saints # 2 defeated the Dark Magicians in the Grand Final.

The second roster began with more friendly matches before the establishment of a new branding name being the Blitz Challenge which consisted of nine rounds among a total of ten playing teams.

  • Ball Fondlers
  • Blue Lakers
  • Controversial Calls
  • Flair Ballers
  • Gators
  • Make A Swish Foundation
  • Saints # 3
  • Saints # 4
  • TG Azkals
  • 24 Nuggets

Results throughout this roster began to showcase the need for two separate three weeks Finals Schedules which proved popular with some high standard matches before the crowning of the Premier Division and Division 2 premiers.
As results show 24 Nuggets defeated Controversial Calls by seven points in the Grand Final.

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